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Golf Club Anahita

The Anahita, golf pleasure

19 November 2010

I discovered The Anahita last year and I have already played on it 3 times since!
Being almost at the opposite of the Deer Island, this golf course is, in my eyes of average player (35.5 handicap), an excellent course to have fun and let go with the drives.

The welcome is, as usual in Mauritius, very upscale. The club house has a very nice and well stocked pro shop with very unusual brands.

Distinctive sign, your cart is marked with your name (from the most beautiful effect) and has a 3D GPS quite impressive!

Enchanting view from hole number 4

The practice is really superb, in grass, to accommodate the training of professional players. Every departure begins with a tasting of iced tea and various sweets served by a lovely hostess! Imagine that in France instead of grumpy starters ...

A departure full of sweets ...

The course meanwhile shows no major problem and allows an average player not to be lost.
Particularly well maintained, the course offers magnificent views of nearby mountains and seaside holes are absolutely splendid. Ultimate luxury, it is not unusual to be offered hot appetizers on the course!

The grass practice

The long holes are numerous and after having played the Deer Island, the Anahita offers the opportunity for hitters to indulge in their favorite sport ...
Often described by players travelers as an “american” golf, I find it easy at first (which does not reflect my score that day!) and very enjoyable to play.

Splendid view from the hole number 3

The light of late afternoon on the greens is to my think a great time.
The club house is very pleasant with a view over the sea and hole number 18, always nice to taste the local beer.

In short, Deer Island and Anahita perfect match!

Eric Barse