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The Links golf, steeped in history

10 November 2010

If there are two historical golf courses in Mauritius, they are the LINKS GOLF and the GOLF LEGEND!

Eric Barse

The LINKS GOLF and the LEGEND GOLF are in fact probably the most spontaneously mentioned by golfers who have already visited the island. I was therefore particularly happy to schedule a course during my last stay. Often "full" we succeeded, after two days of patience to register us for an early departure on the LINKS.

Like all golf courses in Mauritius, the welcome is always a pleasure! Everything here is settled quickly with a smile and we are very far from the gloomy atmosphere of many Parisian clubs ...
Small cafe on the terrace of the clubhouse overlooking the arrival of hole18 and departure of hole 10. Splendid view which portends a course, at first not easy!

Ideal for a coffee and a beer ...

The golf cart, as always perfect with a high-end GPS, which I must admit, is a real help to judge distances as the structure of the course and its many small valleys confuse our evaluation of distances!

With an official handicap of 35 (much more according to some ...) I found the course very playable if we agree to think any less strategy.
Very chopped by numerous barriers: many valleys, blind shots, plants in the middle of the course, superb mountains of lava rocks, long water bodies ... this course requires to seriously pay attention, especially when it is discovered for the first time.

Lovely view the LINKS at the start of hole 1

Nothing flat, nothing obvious, we must therefore anticipate ongoing distances but also the rolling trajectories of the ball as the slopes are numerous. Real garden, this course offers permanently a splendid view on a part of the island and its mountains.

In summary, the Link is not an easy course but it remains perfectly playable by an average player (me!) provided that we remain focused and not to attempt the feat!
It is thus often better to be in front of many obstacles rather than trying to pass them to the risk to find themselves very quickly in difficult exit conditions (see the photo in the lava!).

Getting lost is very penalizing ...

Very well maintained, the course is a feast for the eyes. In short, playing it both for its quality, its seductive topography and all in a beautiful setting!
It remains for me to play the Legend on my next visit ...

Eric Barse

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