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A 100% Golf Destination

Mauritius, a 100% Golf destination

1 October 2010

Mauritius has become a genuine golf destination!

Mauritius, a 100% Golf destination

If it was not true 2 or 3 years ago because the golf courses owned by hotels were jealously reserved to their customers, this has changed.
Now golf courses in Mauritius are numerous and open to all golfers regardless of their places of residence. So you can program a golfing holiday in Mauritius and play ’til you drop! … not less than 11 golf courses including 8 ’eighteen holes’ and 3’ nine-hole "...
Moreover, most of these golf courses are superb and sound quality. One can truly find pleasure regardless of their level of play some of the courses are signed by famous architects ... Gary Player , Ernie Els , Bernard Langer, ... to name only the best known.

Please note that golf courses are divided schematically in 3 zones: West, South and East. The problem is that each of these areas offers you superb golf courses and car journeys take a little time ... ... then you see a long golfing holiday in Mauritius ... or 2 trips golf courses in Mauritius!

Mauritius also offers beautiful golf hotels, but the offer of quality hotels, you can select the most strategic places of residence to travel around the golf courses of the island.

Many tour operators offer golf courses trips throughout the year. For our part, we provide all the tools to plan your golf trip to Mauritius. Our blog “Golf in Mauritius” is independent and objectively presents all golf providers in Mauritius. We gather your opinions on your return to better advise you and relay your thoughts and we will inform you of the latest golf news in Mauritius, and show you the different golf courses.

Do not hesitate to inform all your golfers partners who plan a trip to golf in Mauritius... and good birdies on the greens of Mauritius!

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