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MTPA/ Air Mauritius Golf Channel Trophy

8 May 2013

Extract from the article published in “Ile en Ile MAG”

The MTPA organizes in partnership with Air Mauritius and the Touessrok the “MTPA/Air Mauritius Golf Channel Trophy”. This first edition will gather all the local golfers and highlight them as the main axis to promote Mauritius as a golf destination. Golf being a great touristic asset for Mauritius.

MTPA’s director, Dr. Karl Mootoosamy, assures that this event will be a great asset in ensuring Mauritius a spot on the world map. “We wanted to display the best of our golf corps for this project and we wish to get Mauritius talked about including its beautiful golf courses in the emerging countries such as China or India.” Dr Karl Mootoosamy underlines the opportunity to bring forward the golf sector, using it as a communication and promotion tool for the destination throughout major international medias channels as well as during international tourism exhibitions.

Through this competition, more than 300 advertising spots about golf and the destination will be aired for a year on satellite TV channels such as the Golf Channel or Voyages Escales. 5 minutes clips will also be aired to highlight the characteristics of each of Mauritius’ golf course.

The MTPA/Air Mauritius Golf Channel Trophy will take place on April 25th and 26th next on the Touessrok’s golf course, located on the Ile aux Cerfs. The tournament will gather 8 groups made of 16 golfers (both professionals and amateurs) from Mauritius’ Legends, Links, Touessrok, Anahita, Tamarina, Bel Ombre, Paradis, and Saint-Géran.

For the first edition in 2014, the tournament will focus exclusively on Mauritius, but will aim to open to the Indian Ocean area.