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A dream journey on the Touessrok golf course

26 October 2010
Valéry Beauvillain

I was fortunate to replay the Touessrok golf course, which in my view, has an excessive reputation in some areas and insufficient in others ...!

An excessive reputation on one hand

Excessive when I hear it is unplayable because it is too difficult.

I precise that we played it with two modest golf handicap (35 and 19). So it is clear it is not an easy course, on which we can improve our handicap index every weekend, okay. However, it is quite feasible in the second round.

In the foreground the putting green behind the practice

A first course is necessary to discover and list the traps. In the second passage, we see that by remaining modest and cautious ... it goes not so bad.

The secret is not to be impressed! The course is spectacular (!) ... and can be scary. But do not panic, let the drives warm and it’s all good!

But insufficient on the other hand

However an insufficient reputation, because few of us know that this course has been ranked among the 10 most beautiful courses in the world.

_You get there by boat ... yes this course is on an island ... you’ll be welcomed to Mauritius and so lavishly, and above all what a sight!

Arriving on the welcome bridge of the golf... after, transfer in golf car

You will play in an extraordinary garden, wherever you look, you will take full eyes. It is a delight, the course is perfectly designed (several holes have been changed since its inception) and it should be prohibited for any avid golfer not to play on this course during a trip to Mauritius!

Departure Hole n°1

Good Golf!

Valéry Beauvillain

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