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Heaven on earth ...

12 November 2010
Jean-Philippe Martinez

Playing golf, sport basically complete, is experiencing in the deepest the persevering side in any golfer.
However, in their great mercy, gods of St Andrews make a point of honor that the golfer is positioned in a peaceful environment, surrounded by nature, so that he can, with a global overview, find calm and serenity, the two pillars of a successful swing!

And there, dear friends, after having walked on the greens of Canada, the greens of Michigan, driven alligators in Florida and stupidly looking for my golf ball in the rubbles of the rattlesnakes from the PGA West, I discovered last year ... Mauritius.

This island is just magic, its golf courses as varied as enchanting, and regardless of where one looks, one forgets its Soc…. crisis.. .. this involuntary slice that your partners define more like a big push, finally ... this is paradise, I played on it :-)

Jean-Philippe Martinez on the Touessrok golf course during the 2009 Bacchus cup!

In conclusion, next Saturday, I will be in Mauritius to align myself with the 2nd edition of the Bacchus Cup, with the firm intention of bringing it in the land of Ile de France.

Golfing friendships.

JP Martinez

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