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Exhibition "The Landing of The Dodos"

8 November 2010

An original exhibition and traveling to revive the emblem of Mauritius ...

Theyyam dancer-Daniella Bastien-2010

"The Landing of The Dodos" began to take shape in January 2009.

Created at the initiative of the Arts Initiative Ltd. via Nirveda Alleck Treeboobhun and Nalini, this public art project aims not only to enhance Mauritius, but also and especially to democratize art and make it available to everyone ... in the street.

No need to move through the art galleries, the Dodos have invaded the island!

It is from a photo dating from slavery that artists have created a 3D model of the dodo, unique and made of clay.

Each final dodo is made of fiberglass and is 2 times larger than the original (19.68 x 47.24 x 47.24 inches).
These are the physical changes made by each artist with painting and sticking, which makes each dodo a single copy and authentic.

Eldorado-Oliver Maingard-2010

The bird having a Mauritian identity and a past history, artists designers and architects worked on different themes: everyone makes this animal to be reborn in a particular outfit of its own!

Among them, Nalini Treebhoobun, Firoz Ghanty, Ismet Ghanty, Francoise Hardy, Charlie d’Hotman, Seeruttun Rishi, Ravi Jetshan, Nirveda Alleck Oliver Maingard, Emilien Jubeau, Daniella Bastien, Gerard Foy Baissac Vaco, Henry Coombes, to name a few ... Other "dodos" are coming in the next months.

Raphus humanicus-Ismet Ganti-2010
Dodobaba-Ravi Jetshan-2010

Seen for the last time on the golf course of the Anahita-on October-by our team, it would seem that these dodos walk around the island ...
or even take flight to new horizons, such as "Reunion island" in a first-time, if Arts Initiative Ltd. manages to raise the necessary funds ...

See it is a must!