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2011 Dakar - Stage 1

3 January 2011

2011 Dakar

Stage 1 - Sunday, January 2nd

Link stage of 352 miles, special of 138 miles

After a first day link of 234 miles between Buenos Aires and Victoria on January 1st, the real fun began on Sunday in the 2011 Dakar!
The program for this first timed step between Victoria and Cordoba, 138 miles of special for cars and trucks on 352 miles of link stage.

Although the route has been done for half the day before, the link road was still long to reach the starting line of the first special. Once on the track, it is first on a fast portion that the engines began to heat up, giving way to technology to be more precise on this track which later became mountainous.

Jean-Luc and Jean Brucy Blanchemain, starting gently listening to the whir of their buggy (No. 350) and especially for a perfect tuning between the pilot and co-pilot.

Jean-Luc Blanchemain behind the wheel, immediately found the pace to adopt: "We left behind a dozen Buggies and T2 (production cars). Hence, we opted for wisdom, because the rain was invited on the track, making it very tricky and slippery. A real ice rink by location. The Buggy slipped the slightest deviation would have made us exit the road ... It would have made disorder. Under my feet, I imagined having eggs to avoid carry me .... "

As for Jean Brucy, navigation had not big importance on this stage, only the announcement of the dangers was required for the pilot to better apprehend the difficulties. "It was necessary that we first drove together, as it was the case in the Rally of Morocco. We felt very quickly in our elements. I know how Jean-Luc drives, so I have no apprehension. I have now to concentrate on the daily navigation because it will become increasingly precise over the stages. »

Finally, the buddies will go forth from this first stage with a 26th place, an encouraging time for once!

Jean-Luc Blanchemain and Jean Brucy - 2011 Dakar