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A fighter plane on the Dakar ...

6 January 2011

2011 Dakar

Stage 3 – Tuesday january 4th

Link San Miguel de Tucuman - San Salvador de Jujuy of 144 miles, Special of 311 miles

Program of the day, the 3rd with a special stage of 311 miles for cars, made of two distinct timed portions, a neutralization of 106 miles being planned.

For the team No. 350, buggy, the goal was primarily to raise the ranking, even if ... they eat dirt!

Rushing from the 123th place, Jean-Luc Blanchemain and Jean Brucy have not spoken a lot during the fight due to the speed they went up the competitors one after another, time was to the concentration and application.

“We’ve certainly driven fast but with caution. We have not counted the overtakings, but more the way-points that shatter like a rosary! And the buggy Euroflash-Matmut turned into a fighter plane as if it felt that we needed to rebuild a brand new moral”.

2011 Dakar - 3rd Stage for the buggy

They have thus fulfilled their contract with a rather flattering result: 29th in the special for a 65th place overall!

"Don’t we get carried away" recalls Jean. There are ten steps to buckle and usually after a good result, as today, we tend to let ourselves be overrun by the euphoria. We will remain focused and wise, this is a promise and I’m not Gascon!"

The next step seems to be long and perilous. The Dakar temporarily leaves Argentina and crosses the Andes through the roof of the rally at more than 15092 feet. To get there, the climbing will start at night.
A very long link followed by a special developing 129 miles at 10827 feet towards the Atacama Desert and the first off-track of the rally.