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And the black series continue ...

10 January 2011

2011 Dakar

Stage 6 – Friday, january 7th

Iquique - Arica Link of 165 miles, Special of 283 miles

There’s reason to believe that the two friends Jean-Luc Blanchemain and Jean Brucy signed only to have a bad time of it! The 2011 Dakar will not have spared the two warriors.

19 miles just after having attacked the special stage, the first hard blow! "To avoid some competitors in bulk in the sand, we ran into a ditch, result: an axis of front triangle broke! » Jean explains.

Once repairs made, bad luck continued, "We were sailing in this sea of sand with the sun in our face. Thus the relief is unpredictable... By dint of bumping into invisible holes a wheel rim broke and a brake caliper as well. Jean-Luc being no longer able to slow down, I repaired the part by wedging the hose ... " Continues Jean, the handyman, disappointed.

Night falls. It remains an abundance of miles to reach the finish of the special and the bivouac of Arica where is scheduled the rest day. Jean-Luc dreams of it ... John realizes that this promised day will be very seriously amputated, a second night going to take place in that wealth of dunes.

At mile 168, in this natural trap filled with "guadal" kneaded to the point of turning it into flour, the Chevrolet Buggy falls into a crevasse. Under duress the team Euroflash - Matmut will spend the night.

"At daybreak, says Jean-Luc, the sand is wet as the outside temperature is cooler”. We were able to come out tired and relieved and we left ... ". With three punctures suffered without spare wheel, Jean had time to cobble one, tool-free, playing with jacks, the resourceful side of the biker with the16 Dakar.

Finally, the couple Blanchemain - Brucy safelry arrived on kneecaps at Arica. They left Iquique on friday at 11.30 a.m of Iquique, they reached the bivouac of Arica on saturday at 2.50 p.m!