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Black day on the Dakar ...

4 January 2011

2011 Dakar

Stage 2 – Monday january 3rd

Link Cordoba-San Miguel de Tucuman of 273 miles, Special of 201 miles

Second stage of the Dakar this Monday for the buggy’s

With their 26th position the previous day, Jean-Luc Blanchemain and Jean Brucy are preparing to calmly attack this new stage on the Dakar, sticked to the front runners, full tank.

But the day will soon turn into a nightmare and the story is worth its weight ... of pesos!

After starting the filling of its tank and order 250 liters, a small black coffee and a few exchanges with friends, the 2 guys have the "banana" by going to the starter’s orders.

They move forward the special of 201 miles long when a route exit is unavoidable, damaging not only the front cover of the buggy but the brake hoses.

Route exit for the buggy – 2011 Dakar

A makeshift repair then allow them to resume the normal course of the race ...

Then, at Mile 43 ... Out of gas?? The team understands very quickly that the 250 liters required to pump attendant were converted to 250 pesos (47 €) ... "We are both at fault" he continues. Over 2 hours and a half lost with this inattention, which, once lived with the generated consequences, will not happen again.

Needless to say, on arriving at the camp of San Miguel in the evening, that the mind was not at the party ... The guys will have to catch up, and under what conditions ...
They will rush, the buggy repaired by the MD Racing team, from the 123th position (111th overall) for 311 miles of special!

But fortunately the Dakar is still long and the ranking, far from being fixed ...