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Serial nightmares on the 2011 Dakar for the Buggy

10 January 2011

2011 Dakar

Stage 5 – Thursday, January 6th

Calama - Iquique link of 22 miles, Special of 263 miles

The Dakar is reputed to be the hardest rally in the world, Jean-Luc and Jean could unfortunately verify it.
Real shipwrecked of the desert, the stage 5 between Calama and Iquique in Chile was for them the one of all the problems.

Firstly, the hub carrier broke, necessity to wait for assistance, 19 miles later, the weld released, waiting again for maintenance, an overall of 4:30 hours lost ... then night of misery in the Atacama Desert ... like many competitors.

2011 Dakar - Stage 5 for Jean-Luc Blanchemain and Jean Brucy

The Buggy comes out narrowly to resume in the wake the departure the next stage between Iquique and Arica.

70th of the stage, 79th overall, France 4 has followed them throughout this epic ... ... (the story about them starting at the 38th minute of the video)