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The 2011 Dakar is finished! Jean-Luc Blanchemain and Jean Brucy impressive Buggy crash ...

11 January 2011

2011 Dakar

Stage 7 – Sunday, january 9th

Arica - Antofagasta Link of 129 miles, Special of 380 miles

The stage 7 of the 2011 Dakar will be the last one for Jean-Luc Blanchemain and Jean Brucy’s buggy.

Pictures taken by France 4 are impressive: the buggy goes down - at a very brisk pace - a dune ... by rolling over about ten times on more of 80 meters!
The machine falls to pieces at every bounce, but the interior reinforced with hoops, does not move, protecting the crew ...

Crash impressionnant pour Jean-luc Blanchemain et Jean Brucy sur la 7ème étape du Dakar 2011

Jean-Luc is the first to get out of what remains of the machine, a few seconds later it is the turn of Jean. Visibly shocked. «We made at least six front and four lateral somersaults, said Jean-Luc by telephone, voice still shaky. There are a lot of damages on the buggy, we are waiting for the support truck to see how to tinker it on site to bring it to a city. »

Jean-Luc continues his story: "It’s my fault. I arrived too fast at the top of the dune, which was cut on the other side. The Buggy plummeted and in these cases, we are powerless. We waited until the storm passes, it seemed an eternity. We are Jean and me, next to the car, we do not have a scratch. It’s the most important ... The race for us is over. » "

Left at the 63rd position in the Special 7 between Arica and Antofagasta, the buggy pointed at 55th waypoint 1, 48th WP2, 38th WP3 ... The accident occurred at Mile 93 of this day Special.

Even if the abandonment is likely to be difficult to accept for our two competitors-third one in three appearances in the Dakar for Jean-Luc Blanchemain-’with such an impact at this speed, at this height, it is still a small miracle "that the crew had nothing, said Luc Alphand and Gérard Holtz in their camp at night. ...