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Season and weather

16 September 2010
Mauritius - View on the lagoon

The season

The perfect season

In Mauritius, as in all Indian Ocean islands, the seasons are reversed from the Northern Hemisphere. When it is winter in France, it’s summer in Mauritius!

The tropical winter, from May to November is cooler and dry thanks to the predominance of trade winds.

From December to April, summer is hot, even if the sun is never hot and sometimes rainy, especially in the central plateau. The sun sets early and very quickly: at 6.00 P.M on average.

Time difference

Mauritius is ahead of France from 4 hours in winter (December 22th to June 21th) and 3 hours in summer (June 22th to December 21th).
Night falls quickly in Mauritius, in a few minutes, at 6.45 P.M. in winter and at 8.00 P.M. in summer.

Port Louis by night

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