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Catamaran in Mauritius

3 November 2010

In Mauritius we must enjoy the Indian Ocean...

For claustrophobic like me, the catamaran cruise, offered by multiple providers all around the island, is an excellent alternative to other underwater sports.

One of Florence Arthaud’s catamaran... relooked

The last cruise we did was aboard one of Florence Arthaud’s catamaran. Relooked for this new life less dull top, colorful, comfortable seats arranged in a shady dek, central bar.

It took us sailing on the west coast of the island, where the chances of seeing dolphins are larger than elsewhere. Hereunder the picture as a proof… we saw them very close.

Dolphins on the west coast of Mauritius

The rhythm of the day is organized according to the passengers onboard. ... Always eager to satisfy their customers, crew members offer an appropriate program:
Some time spent gazing at the dolphins swimming around the boat,
An hour of diving mask and snorkel near to the reef, always a great show of colorful fishes swimming around you ....
The barbecue held on the boat by the crew in a friendly, with soft (or less soft) drinks....
A pleasant sailing, more or less "sporty" in terms of wind, according to the passengers desire, to aid digestion and nap.

And finally to finish this divine day, upon request, swimming or walking on the beach of the “Ile aux bénitiers”.

L’ile aux Bénitiers

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