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Golf and Spa, fishing, ...

5 September 2010

Golf and... Spa

Many hotels offer their customers exceptional spa stays.


Fishing in Mauritius

Mauritius is a true destination for fishing. From November to April and often up to May, large fish are prowling around the island near the reef. You can choose between blue or black marlin, shark, bonito, swordfish, sailfish, pilgrim, the barracuda …
It is therefore not surprising that Mauritius holds several world records for fishing. The west coast enjoys favorable currents of rising fish.
Modern boats can take up to 5 people beyond the reef for a fishing party of 5 or 10 hours.

Water sports

From scuba diving, kite surfing and other water sports, not to mention the underwater excursions, the choice is wide.

Diving in Mauritius

Mauritius has in its waters a marine treasure. The seabed Mauritius is full of surprising encounters: colorful fish, moray eels, magnificent coral ...
Scuba diving, submersible, snorkelling or bottle is an activity not to be missed.
Kite surfing is the sensational new work created through the merger of a kite, surf, and just all skiing activities. They are Brittany (France, Atlantic coast) who developed the first some ten years ago. The magic of kite surfing comes from the combination of elements: water, space, wind, and changes in both water and air! Very spectacular, kite surfing can be practiced by everybody. Within four days in a vocational school in Mauritius, a novice begins to slide on the water safely! With its turquoise lagoons, its regular trade winds, and its white sandy beaches, Mauritius is a paradise for kite surfing, to rival the best spots in the world.

The Blue Safari : the submarine. Make the experience of a unique and unforgettable diving on board of a real submarine! Comfortably installed in a heated cabin and atmospheric pressure, you will dive to 35 meters deep and discover the amazing underwater scenery of the island. For nearly 45 minutes, you will discover shipwreck, coral and anchor of the 17th century. Amazement guaranteed for any person from 2 to 77 years.

Blue Safari – The Sub scooter: The most original scooter underwater excursions! What a pleasure to drive yourself or as a couple its own submarine by 3 meters for 35 minutes, safely under the supervision of a diver guide. You will discover the magic of Mauritian fauna and flora and this through a large transparent dome and pan. No need to be a swimmer to enjoy. Minimum age: 12 years.

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