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Interests and visits to the island

27 September 2010

Here are, in the first time, a few things to discover ...


Chamarel, the seven colours land

Between Black River and La Pointe du Morne , Chamarel land offers seven variations of color ranging from beige to pink.
This strange phenomenon is explained by the presence of volcanic ash containing mineral oxides from different colors.
In addition to this surprising landscape are drawn around the waterfall (where you can swim) multiple “airline” trips to move from tree to tree and enjoy the landscape.


This is the perfect "postcard" image of Mauritius. This little corner of paradise is placed in the southeast of Mauritius in the lagoon of fresh water.
Special Panorama, dense vegetation, sandy beaches, clear, nothing is missing, or the restaurants and the possibility of water sports.
Interesting touristic spot and very popular, it is imperative to stay there.


Chamarel rum plant

This plant is beautiful, the architect has thought to open it to the public and tourism. Another feature, the agricultural rum produced on site is of high quality. In addition to visiting places orchestrated by a very interesting guide, restaurant cuisine (80 seats available) very tasty, stop there is a must!


Great Basin is a natural water reservoir, considered by the population as a resurgence of Hindu sacred Ganges. This holy place is also a place of pilgrimage. A gigantic statue of "Shiva" welcomes you. It is a fun and relaxing place.


Administrative and financial capital of Mauritius, the city is located on the west coast . You can spend a day discovering the Central Market of Port Louis, colorful local bazaar, offering a variety of craft products, beverages, foods, spices , etc ... During the racing season which runs from May to December, the Champs de Mars is also worth visiting, this racecourse is one of the oldest in the Indian Ocean region.

Port Louis

Besides Caudan & Port Louis Waterfront, a popular shopping spot unavoidable, the city and its cultural diversity remain to be discovered: cathedrals, temples, pagodas, mosques, "Chinatown", cobbled streets, colonial buildings .... Make your own experience.


The Pamplemousses Garden

Inescapable Flora paradise of the Indian Ocean. 25 ha of botanical treasures, and there is no need to be an expert to appreciate the scene.

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